Achieve a full range of multi domain breakthrough this year will strive to sign 180 billion

2013 Chinese Qinghai investment and trade fair green development plan recently have been approved by the provincial government, according to the plan, this year the Green Fair is scheduled to be held on June 10th to 13, will be planning the introduction and promotion of a number of key consumer industry, tourism and cultural industry investment and renovation project, and strive to achieve all-round, multi field breakthrough.

Green Fair this year to "open cooperation, green development" as the theme, the exhibition contents, upgrading the level and the level of the size of the display, and strive to reach 50000 square meters, will focus on invitation to customers, for up to 10000 people, will strengthen the project to negotiate docking, and strive to economic and technical cooperation projects signed the amount of more than 180 billion.

it is reported that this year our province will be carefully selected 5 outstanding projects, 10 fifty billion billion, major industrial base project, the introduction of a number of industrial extension fill chain, recycling, industrial integration, technological innovation projects and supporting industries, technological transformation, expansion of the stock of projects, planning and implementation of a group to expand consumption, to meet the need of the market consumption of industrial projects. At the same time, focus on the promotion and promotion of a number of tourism infrastructure, high-quality tourism routes, ethnic cultural tourism, plateau eco-tourism and other special tourism projects and attract strategic investors in the cultural industry projects. In addition, focusing on new urbanization, around Xining, Golmud, two new district construction and Haidong City, focusing on the selection of urban public works, infrastructure, services and other areas to promote a number of investment, renovation projects.

is seeking a broader space for cooperation in the development of New Green Fair this year, through the platform, our province will be innovative investment approach, fully mobilize all forces, multi field investment organization, make great efforts to invite the world’s top 500, top 500 domestic well-known private enterprises and other participants in the Green Fair, started the green economy brand, further enhance the brand value of the exhibition, let more project flower in Qinghai. (author: Xiao Yu)

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