The quality and safety of essential drugs in our province are effectively protected

Quality and safety of essential drugs related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. Provincial Food and Drug Administration attaches great importance to the production, circulation, supervision and inspection, supervision and other aspects of electronic Duocuobingju, ensure the quality and safety of basic drugs in our province.

in the basic drug production, the signing of the "drug production quality safety responsibility" and the basic drug production enterprises, the implementation of key regulatory in the production of 47 basic pharmaceutical goods regulations, carry out the production on-site inspection and production process and prescription verification, and to strengthen the basic drug adverse reaction monitoring.

in the basic drug circulation, establish and improve the province’s basic drug distribution companies regulatory files, basic drug distribution companies, retail enterprises and medical institutions supervision and inspection coverage reached 100%. To participate in the tender of the basic drug distribution enterprises and varieties of a strict qualification audit.

in the basic drug supervision and inspection, special inspection arrangements for the 2700 batch of basic drugs, to implement full coverage testing on the production and distribution enterprises and medical institutions above the county level. Acceptance of the implementation of 116 drug production and operation of enterprises of the supply of 233 kinds of basic drugs sample filing. As long as the drug into the Qinghai market, that is, the record, testing.

in the electronic supervision of basic drugs, the implementation of electronic monitoring of 11 enterprises, the province involved in the production of basic drugs, 99 varieties of 135 specifications, 135 approval number of drug varieties, each brand has a unique "ID card". 151 distribution companies in the province (pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises of 75, drug distribution center, 76) has also achieved all the electronic supervision network. (author: Hao Wei)


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