West turn style real short will speak briefly made strict regulations

in the first quarter, the number of meetings decreased by 25% over the same period last year, issued a number of copies of documents over the same period last year, a decrease of $11.6%, conference expenses decreased by 85% over last year……" May 7th, the west side of Xining City Commission for Discipline Inspection relevant person in charge of the west side of the first quarter to study the style of self reporting, while the next phase of the deployment of key tasks.

this year, Xining City West District Park Lane community staff Wang Hong participated in the west district government meeting that his participation in the meeting no longer than one hour, the shortest only 31 minutes to finish all of the agenda.

not only to open a short, speak briefly, also the West District vigorously promote the "on". "On the morning of April 28th, the three meeting of the Western District, the city of creation and the creation of a healthy city, was opened, and the agenda of the meeting was only completed in more than two hours." West District, a grass-roots cadres said with deep feeling.

this short will open and rigorously enforce thrift practices by the grassroots cadres from West district. Since the central government and Qinghai Province, Xining city to carry out the turn style, West District in the region issued a "notice" on the strengthening of the outstanding problems and the implementation of the rectification work style "on further strict work discipline and improve the work style of the notice", and to change the style of work, advocate "on" "set" meeting form. It is understood that, as in April 28th, if the three meetings were held separately, according to the need for half a day of each meeting, the three meeting will take a day and a half. After the merger, the original need a day and a half of the meeting, only used more than two hours. As the meeting time, to participate in the meeting units carefully prepared, all the speeches were repeated to modify, incisive, part of the material in the form of a document issued, not repeat at the meeting to convey, let Taiwan spoke concise, to ensure the effectiveness of the meeting. After the meeting, not only the reduction of the visible conference fees, but also save the time and energy to accompany the meeting will greatly improve the efficiency of the work.

opened a short meeting, to promote the string will be just a microcosm of the west district to implement the provisions of the transition style.

West District actively deployed, developed a number of initiatives, requiring all departments and units to strictly abide by the schedule, work on time, work time to do Internet chat, play games, read novels, snacks and has nothing to do with your work. To strictly leave system, without undue absenteeism, leave; because things undergo shall consult the report, handle the relevant formalities are not allowed to leave, without close communication tools, affect the normal work. West also advocated sunshine services, smiling service, fine service, honest service, and the service window units in the region, law enforcement agencies to carry out quality service activities. On the service window staff grooming appearance, civilized language, behavior, attitude and other aspects of service requirements, and then implement.

training of law enforcement officers to enforce the law, improve the overall quality of administrative law enforcement officers, to better serve the people;

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