Xining land tax seized 100 thousand yuan a small amount of fake parking fees fixed invoices

September 11th, reporters from the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau learned that the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau at the end of August in Qinghai Province seized 10 thousand fake parking fees fixed invoices, the total nominal value of up to 100 thousand yuan.

according to the staff of Local Taxation Bureau of Xining City, the tax department to strengthen the management of invoices, standardized invoice printing, sale, use and for links, vigorously against false invoice action, coupled with the public’s ability to identify false invoices and vigilance gradually increased, large amounts of false invoices is hindered and compressed living space. From the assumption that the confiscated amount of the invoice, the invoice amount that previous illegal manufacturing mainly catering, entertainment industry, invoice value to 200 yuan, 100 yuan in the majority, while the seized fake invoices, par value is small, for 10 yuan, and the spread of false invoices to expand into the field of business parking.


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