Focus on business training to enhance safety awareness

to ensure the safety of air eighteen during the broadcast program, to further improve the Xining people’s radio broadcast and check-in staff sense of responsibility, so that relevant personnel basic requirements, to broadcast broadcast security work of emergency disposal ability and the equipment operation procedures and other aspects of a more comprehensive grasp of July 10th, led by the Bureau of science and technology the media management office, invited the Xining digital radio and Television Information Network Co. Ltd. Ren Li Ning to our engineers carried out targeted training.

in the training, teacher Ren Ning combined with the characteristics of radio broadcast security, the use of multimedia projection tool, vividly explained the importance of safety broadcast. On how to improve the awareness of safe broadcast and how to properly deal with the emergencies in the daily work of the broadcast on their own experience and views. He communicates with the staff involved in the training with examples and questions. Our workers to speak, put forward some problems encountered in the work, with the teacher Ren Ning answers.

to participate in training the staff agreed that through this training not only improve their level of professional skills, enhance the understanding of broadcast security and sense of responsibility in the work, I hope there will be more such training opportunities.


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