Huangzhong financing for grassroots do six things

this year, Huangzhong county organization department closely around the "running" service concept, with "three basic" construction as an opportunity to raise funds do useful and good things for the grass, to lay a solid foundation, establish a good image of honest and pragmatic people group ".

to strengthen the construction of active positions. Take financial investment based, supplemented by the village self, 5 million 910 thousand yuan to raise funds to focus on upgrading the 39 "old small village comprehensive office service center, to further improve the conditions of rural Party members and office activities.

to carry out the golden autumn student activities. Financing 40 thousand yuan, for the rural (community) difficult family members of college students and children, each giving $2000 to help students to help 20.

to enhance the service ability. Financing 30 thousand yuan, in 2014 for the assessment of the county level in the construction of the model points with a printing and copying machine, and constantly improve the conditions of office services, 10.

Party cadres to carry out caring activities. Financing 10 thousand yuan, for the township, organs and institutions of outstanding Party cadres to give care and subsidies, to further stimulate the enthusiasm of Party cadres work in the 10.

to build the party building characteristic brand. Financing 200 thousand yuan, in 2015 to create a model of Party building, Party building brand, demonstration point for financial support, and strive to build a high quality, high standards of Party building new brands, new models of the 10.

help two new party building work. Financing 40 thousand yuan for the county’s non-public enterprises and the organization of the party organization of the social organizations of the party to give each of the 5 thousand yuan of party funding subsidies, and constantly improve the level of Party building work of the new organization of the two new 3.


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