Held in Xining Street Community grassroots organizations to observe the scene

in order to consolidate and expand the results of study and practice, with the spirit of reform and innovation to promote grass-roots community streets, organization construction, February 24th, held in Xining City, street community grassroots organizations to observe the scene, summing up the experience, research and deployment of community organizations building work.

delegates watched the West Main Street West District Street, West Main Street North Street community and City District Meteorological Xiang Nanchuan West Street Shangri-La community work; West District, West District, West Main Street and North Street Party Working Committee of Chaoyang Street of Beichuan East Road Community Party branch were introduced in their respective street community building of grassroots organizations and experience practice; conference named in recognition of the city’s second batch of 4 Street 8 community party building model.

meeting the requirements of the District, street, community "three LIAN" activities into the District, street, community economic, political and cultural construction, to promote the modernization of the city as a test of the effectiveness of the activities to create performance standards, efforts to improve the ability of city grass-roots party organizations to build a socialist harmonious society. Play party members and cadres in the construction of city communities and the exemplary role of the key leading role, focus on enhancing the city community autonomous management according to law function, service function, social security function and security function, strengthen the party among the masses of the cohesion and appeal, consolidate the basis of the party in the city.

meeting the requirements to comply with the requirements of the "four one", to further consolidate the community grass-roots organization construction work base. For open selection, open recruitment, competition and other measures, optimal selection with strong community of "two committees", strengthen the construction of community workers in community Secretary of the party organization as the focus, the establishment of incentive mechanism, reasonably determine the community party secretary and other community workers, community cadres to solve the pension and medical insurance the problem, realize the steward. Continue to increase efforts to focus on community organizations activities and service facilities, actively seek the community organization construction activities and service facilities in the transformation of the old and new development and construction planning, building a number of modern management service function of the high standards of the community. To further improve the community party organization funds safeguard mechanism, expand financing channels, to explore the community party construction funds safeguard system based on financial investment based, supplemented by social support, ensure the community party organization and office activities, and have some money and resources to do practical things for the people to achieve good, rich service. To further standardize the construction of the basic system of the grass-roots community organizations. Adhere to the party’s election, the party organization, "three class", Party organizational life, democratic life, democratic appraisal of Party members, Party members and Party membership dues collection, the development of the system of organization, implementation of chapter. In accordance with the combination of upper and lower levels, the principle of complementary advantages, explore the establishment of the street party committee as the core, the community party organization as the foundation, garrison units Party organizations to participate in the construction of city grass-roots party construction work to build a mechanism, strive to build a new pattern of regional city grass-roots party building. To adapt to the new requirements of the development of urbanization, and constantly strengthen the community management and service functions. Establish and improve urban management;

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