Food safety of food safety in Xining City

With the advent of the Mid Autumn Festival, national day, the food safety issues during the two sessions are highly valued. Recently, the city of Commerce and Industry Branch of the area of Wangfujing and other 7 supermarkets, farmers markets and food processing plants moon cake, raw meat and meat products were examined. Law enforcement officials said that in the examination, if there are any problems found, will be filing penalties to protect food safety during the holiday season.

"food problem is a big problem, and come and check the good, we can know exactly what problems exist." Grand pastry shop staff said that food safety management of their shop is also very seriously, usually have a full-time staff of regular self-examination. The city industry and Commerce Bureau Market Division responsible person, from September 20th to 28, they will carry out carpet inspection in the area of the West Wangfujing, Hualian, 100, Ning food 7 supermarkets, 10 farmers markets, more than 500 food stores. Check whether the operator is licensed to operate, whether the sale of expired food, three noes food, fake and shoddy food. The responsible person to remind consumers to buy moon cake must check the production plant, production date, sources of raw materials, the price tag and shelf life, once encountered above, consumers can refuse to buy, can also make a complaint to the consumers association.

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