How to improve cigarette sales in the construction market

Although the location of the bustling downtown

is hot, but not every shop can be selected in this place, some shops are not in place, but if the method is appropriate, product sales can also be very high. With the advancement of urbanization, the number of migrant workers increased, while the majority of male workers in the construction site, cigarette consumption demand. How do the retail customers around the construction site grasp the cigarette consumption demand of the migrant workers and improve the profit level? Combined with the work practice, the author thinks that we can start from the following three aspects.

is a site of market investigation. Near the site before and after the retail customers should know where most migrant workers come from love, what brand, what kind of price of cigarettes, the cigarette brand and the number of timely, reasonable to meet consumer demand for migrant workers.

two is to focus on commodity display, timely introduction of alternative brands. Appropriate to adjust the layout of cigarettes, in accordance with the price, place of origin and so on regularly placed in order to facilitate their introduction and customers to buy.

three is recommended to vary from person to person. In the face of different levels of awareness of migrant workers, to take different ways to promote. For old customers, can be into the theme of promotion. For new customers, you can introduce them to try new cigarettes, in the absence of resentment on the basis of the development of more brands, so as to achieve a multiplier effect.

consumers are different, the nature of the sales method will not be the same. If you want to make the product sales higher, naturally need to take a more appropriate approach to business. So, if you open a cigarette in the vicinity of the site, the above three methods may wish to take a look, perhaps you can enhance the sales of your store oh.

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