The first onset of stroke was younger

in the Tenth World Stroke Day approaching, October 28th, Qinghai (Highland) center and the opening of the Qinghai red hand volunteer volunteer service team to start the ceremony, held in Qinghai People’s Hospital. The reporter learned from the activity, according to our province survey showed that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the disease died first, stroke mortality rate was 151.05/10 million, significantly higher than that in plain area, seriously affecting the health and quality of life of the people on the plateau. The first onset of stroke was younger age, the incidence of young people was significantly higher, and even more than 20 years old patients with stroke.

stroke, which is called "stroke" in traditional Chinese medicine, is also called cerebral vascular accident. It is a serious disease threatening human health and life. It has the characteristics of high incidence, high disability rate, high mortality rate, high recurrence rate and heavy economic burden. Its incidence is related to people’s unhealthy diet and bad habits and habits, weak awareness of disease prevention and other factors, and the average age of the first stroke was younger age trend. Qinghai People’s Hospital in June this year to become the first member of the China National Center for stroke unit, the first in the province to get "stroke center" qualification (currently the only member of the unit). The hospital will continue to contribute to the prevention and control of stroke in our province, so that more medical institutions in the province to achieve the construction of stroke center standards, and promote the province to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of stroke. Qinghai red Bracelet volunteer service team will enter the community and grassroots, the prevention and treatment of stroke (cerebrovascular disease), the scientific concept and knowledge spread to the masses.


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