Road traffic accident handling procedures for the community to seek advice

in order to further standardize the road traffic accident treatment work, improve work quality and work efficiency, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties, the Ministry of public security amendments drafted the "procedures to deal with road traffic accidents (Draft)", and recently published by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, to seek the views of the community.
the draft increased the respect and protection of the general requirements of the protection of human rights and dignity of citizens, to adjust the accident investigation, expert opinion of the audit procedures, close the scene of the accident disposal requirements, refine the review way of accepting the traffic accident, revised the definition and rules of responsibility.
the draft consists of 12 chapters 113, road traffic accidents are divided into property damage accident, accident and death accident. Among them, the property loss accident is caused by the loss of property, has not caused casualties in road traffic accidents. Wounding accident is a road accident caused by a person who has not been injured. A fatal accident is a road traffic accident.
the draft provisions, the occurrence of fatal accidents accidents, wounding, or the occurrence of accidents and property losses in any of the following circumstances, the parties should protect the scene and immediately alarm: (a) the driver without valid driving license; (two) the driver drinking, taking state control of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances suspected; (three) no motor vehicle license plate; (four) the parties can not move on their own vehicles; (five) a party to leave the scene; (six) there is evidence that the accident is caused by a party intentionally.
the draft clearly at the same time, China people’s Liberation Army, people’s armed police forces, Chinese vehicle road traffic accidents, in accordance with the provisions of treatment. Shall be revoked and the cancellation of Chinese people’s Liberation Army and people’s Armed Police Force China motor vehicle driving license issued by the military and the implementation of administrative detention or criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with the law, Chinese transferred to the people’s Liberation Army, people’s armed police forces Chinese relevant departments.
the relevant units and persons from all walks of life in January 20, 2015, through the log China government legal information network (address:, put forward the views of mail letters or send e-mail.


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