Promote the work of the NPC and the construction of continuous innovation and development

recently, the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Mu Dongsheng in the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the Research Committee document No. 14 implementation, promote the local legislation, state of new county and Township People’s congresses and for poverty alleviation work, listen to the opinions of the masses of cadres.

Mu Dongsheng pointed out that the provincial Party Committee document No. 14 is to strengthen the landmark document of the province county and the work of the NPC construction under the new situation, put forward some practical, pioneering breakthrough policies and measures to improve the understanding of implementation, seize the opportunity to implement, focus implementation, concerted efforts to implement, promote the work of the NPC and the construction of continuous innovation and development. The newly revised legislative law gives the municipalities and autonomous prefectures of the districts the authority to formulate local laws and regulations, to further study and implement them, to step up their work, to strengthen the building of the contingent of legislation, and to ensure the correct implementation of the law. This year is the year of the new county and Township People’s congresses, to uphold the party’s leadership, adhere to promote democracy, strict political control, off the entrance, on behalf of the whole process of supervision, to ensure that the elections delicate air, people are satisfied with the election results.

Mu Dongsheng stressed that the proposed Hercynian "three years" two steps, first to achieve the overall poverty in the province, to highlight the "first" to enhance the sense of mission, a sense of urgency to focus on "precision", and effectively improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation, to strengthen the "rule of law", improve the poverty alleviation standardization, institutionalization and legalization level. People’s congresses and their standing committees at all levels shall perform their duties in accordance with the law, and play an important role in the fight against poverty by the state power organs.


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