Xining a rapid increase in the number of minor accident claims more than 30 days

recently, the reporter learned from the city traffic police detachment, since June 30th a slight road traffic accident insurance claims quickly since the center was established in Xining City, a minor traffic accident claims quickly more and more business, as of August 16th, a minor traffic accident claims the number has reached 1389, a daily average of more than 30.

it is understood that the city of Xining minor road traffic accident insurance claims center since its inception, effectively reducing the road traffic congestion caused by minor traffic accidents, welcomed by the majority of drivers. The city traffic police brigade accident relevant responsible person told the reporter, at present there are still some drivers do not understand the business and a minor traffic accident after the entanglement, long time the car parked at the scene of the accident phenomenon. The responsible person said, after a minor traffic accident, the parties shall promptly to the accident vehicle traffic in the place, and fill in the "Xining minor traffic accident parties to negotiate agreement", in 24 hours to the common "agreement" to "Xining city traffic accident insurance claims service center for fast" the insurance claim, without traffic accident responsibility confirmation issued by both parties, without waiting, finally can be prompted by the accident caused by the city road to ease the pressure.


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