Xining traffic police special rectification action uninterrupted

recently, Xining city traffic police detachment continued to carry out all kinds of traffic violations special rectification, the rectification work unremittingly, normalization, to ensure that the summer peak of Xining urban road traffic good.

a brigade on the jurisdiction of hemp Lane Lane, North Street and other roads in accordance with the way by lane to promote, while remediation, consolidation of the side of the remediation. In order to ensure the rectification effect, brigade specially produced no parking signs, and placed 30 in the 4 block of no parking signs along the roadway, and painting of the stop line, take the side of the road in order to park on the other side is neat, no parking, parking specification order; on North Street and cable Ma Xiang small hawkers Jeeves, brigade actively and East District Urban Management Bureau, the office of coordination, management by the Urban Management Bureau and the office dispatched staff. At the same time, continue to increase the intensity of the night, the night of July 23rd, a battalion in 71 provincial military carried out the night gate set point inspection to check the night, during the inspection, found in A· W8919, the driver of a car is heavy drinking Deng Moumou, police immediately conducted alcohol detection with alcohol tester, Deng Moumou display every 100 milliliters of blood alcohol containing 55 mg, suspected of driving a motor vehicle after drinking. Police immediately according to the law of the driver and vehicle related procedures to be withheld, and the formalities of illegal processing brigade office for further processing.

two battalion actively carry out three wheeled motorcycle traffic violations remediation action. Strict investigation within the jurisdiction of unlicensed motorcycle, driving without a license, without personnel inspection and scrapped tricycle, timely handle the licensing, inspection, scrap and other procedures, so as to eliminate the existing motorcycle traffic accident potential; take on fixed and mobile patrols to check the combination way, to crack down on the motorcycle Wupaiwuzheng illegal manned cargo and other traffic violations. In July 24th, the police carried out concentrated rectification in all major sections of the area, the day a total renovation and seized an unlicensed unlicensed driving motorcycle brigade conducted a total of 12 cars, traffic law education to the driver, timely handle the licensing procedures, settled in, and the driving motor vehicle personnel undocumented organizational learning.

three brigade on Lake along the road to Haiyan Road, there are different degrees of stallage, Jeeves, Luantingluanfang, and District Urban Management Bureau, the tiger Taiwan office and other relevant departments jointly carry out special rectification work on the Sea Lake Road, Haiyan road. The brigade take the wrong peak regulation way to Sea Lake Road intersection, the market surrounding the illegal pet market in Haiyan stallage, Jeeves, Luantingluanfang focus on traffic violations, uninterrupted remediation, and adopt targeted education and punishment combination, banned Lane behavior of non motorized vehicles set up their stalls. Remediation at the same time, the police, the police to the surrounding masses, shop owners about traffic safety laws and regulations, this section adds the ban signs, let the driver of the vehicle, vendors can consciously recognize the dangers of traffic violations, actively cooperate with the traffic management, to ensure traffic safety, orderly and smooth.

four battalion;

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