Return home to start selling the phone to open the crazy micro shop

now, as long as you are good at grasping the opportunity, always have the possibility of success. Virtual Internet will divide the two generations, but also to return home after 90 entrepreneurs Liu Lei, tasted the sweetness of the cause of the first sweetness.

but unlike the old man, 24 year old Liu Lei is familiar with the Internet, he knows to sell things on the Internet "road". This young entrepreneur, let honey with the network signal from the mountain.

2013, he graduated from Wuhan to Zhongxiang home. At first, some difficulties, "sweet" career is not sweet. Sometimes, he would suspect that the choice of returning to the village as a bee is wrong". If you do not choose this way, he had to live in a big city, a car sales, with cars dealing with every day in Western dress and leather shoes.

home, no "suffering" for too long, with the advent of the Internet, the opportunity also came to Liu Lei. At the end of October 2014, Liu Lei is no longer had the flighty and impetuous young man, he became a face was tanned authentic beekeepers. He is not afraid to go to the mountains to take the time to dry rape honey. The royal jelly, he can sit in the sun, low head repeated thousands of times a program of action.

he did with the village elders beekeepers "cannot read". He studied packaging, considering how the honey is not leaking out in transit". He rode a motorcycle every day, on the bumpy road asphalt and cement road, after 4 villages, rushed to the town to find the courier company delivery.

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