Organic vegetable planting base in Anhui vigorously promote

is now in many places are advocating to build ecological agriculture, organic and in many places have also formed a relatively unique organic ecological agriculture industry chain, in some areas of Anhui, is now developing organic green vegetables.

provide organic vegetables fresh and healthy for the market, is in the long-term development of Chen Jinliang’s wish. In 2013, has accumulated abundant capital Chen Jinliang returned to his hometown in Laoqiao village Taihe, Liu Shuang Fu Zhen Liang Zhuang founded Anhui organic agricultural science and technology limited company development, the construction of high standard modern vegetable base. Base planning and construction area of 5000 acres, built in three phases, the current phase of investment of $60 million, the construction of 1056 acres of vegetable greenhouses, automatic greenhouses of 6000 square meters. "We have shed greenhouse and shed both sides, awning side is mainly traditional planting green vegetables, the shade side of the main planting; plant in shade and hi tide crops, such as mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, and engaged in poultry, aquaculture." Jin Yong told reporters, because of the introduction of new varieties, the use of advanced cultivation and management mode, the green vegetable base with an annual output of up to 30 million kg per mu, the real estate value of about 100 thousand yuan.

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