Fujian entry and exit self service can take only 2 minutes to get everything

with the continuous development of economy, the advent of economic globalization, we often go out in the development, but in the past when the formalities for entry and exit considerable trouble. The electronic eep is inserted into the self-service equipment, 2 minutes to receive the endorsement of printed documents; brush the two generation ID card, you can apply for a passport after receiving self-help…… Today morning, the Fuqing Municipal Public Security Bureau has just unveiled the immigration 24 hours self-service service center, a group of people of the first experience of self-service immigration services.

this is the first entry and exit of Fujian 24 hours self service center, 365 days, 24 hours all-weather opening. Reporters on the scene saw nearly a hundred square meters of glass scattered room stocked with 6 sets of equipment, 2 sets of electronic cards are Hong Kong and Macao Permit machine, 2 sets of self-help type Macao endorsement self acceptance machine, 1 machine and 1 Taiwan passport issuing self-service immigration online self booking inquiry machine.

today, the residents of Fujian province (excluding the state registration) with a valid two generation ID card, all-weather any time can enter the credit card self-service service center, quickly through the device to receive a passport, Hong Kong and Macao tourism endorsement again "all processes as soon as desirable".

for example, the electronic card card machine to provide self-service in Hong Kong and Macao residents holding e-eep (card) self-service travel endorsement to Hong Kong and Macao service, with integrated facilities, "one window" card concept, can complete the electronic eep (card) tourist note acceptance, payment, business card, issuing full process operation. Applicants only need to insert the electronic eep (card), according to the prompts, the device will automatically wipe on the card of the original endorsement, again on a new endorsement, 2 minutes to complete, lidengkequ.


and traditional Hong Kong and Macao pass endorsement mode comparison, self-service simplifies the application materials, do not need to fill out the application form and submit the identity card; processing time from 6 days to Lidengkequ, changed in the window waiting status.

also does not need to line up the window and to receive a passport and this type of Hong Kong and Macao pass endorsement. The applicant can also make an appointment through the online self booking machine and make an appointment to check the progress of inquiries.

The Public Security Bureau of Fuqing city municipal Party Committee Standing Committee,

Chen Mingdi, Fuqing is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, the resident population of more than 130, nearly one million overseas Chinese living abroad. Since 2014, the average annual number of immigration documents more than 17 pieces, receiving daily about 500 pieces, the Spring Festival, the summer peak of daily processing by reason about 2000. The Fuqing Municipal Public Security Bureau took the lead in the construction of 24 hours of self admission service center in Fujian, as much as possible to meet the needs of the masses.

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