Mustard ten brand list

in a variety of dishes, mustard has been loved by a lot of people, but the market also gave birth to many brands. So, what brand of mustard? Below, let Xiaobian for everyone secret mustard ten brands list, so that you can choose to a suitable brand of mustard.

ten mustard brand ranking NO.1, Wujiang:

Wujiang Wujiang

brand of mustard mustard, mustard is one of the many brands of Fuling mustard group in Chongqing city. Is a Fuling mustard. Ranked three in the world famous pickled mustard Lai (Fuling mustard, pickled cucumbers, sweet and sour cabbage in France Germany) for the first time, has been listed as a vegetable dish. The process is unique, exquisite ingredients, delicious and crisp aftertaste. Has won the prestigious International Food Expo Gold Medal in, Chongqing famous trademark, the first national science and Technology Award and other international and domestic awards, and in 1997 passed the FDA quality certification. "Wujiang brand" trademark in 2004 was a well-known trademark in china.

NO.2 list of ten brands of mustard, jade Hall:

Shandong Yutang sauce Co. Ltd. (formerly Yutang sauce), founded in 1714, has been three hundred years of history, is the only " in the southwest Chinese time-honored enterprises; ". Yu Tang trademark has been in Shandong province Industrial and Commercial Bureau, consumers rated as famous trademark of " " Shandong province; Yutang pickles, Shandong economic and Trade Commission has been rated as brand-name products in Shandong, Yu Tang, bean products, soy sauce and vinegar sauce series of products by the National Food Association named " the national quality standards of food ", and grant " China; food enterprises " certificate of honor.

ten mustard brand ranking NO.3, Liubiju:

Lubiju pickles, produced by Beijing liubiju. Beijing Liubiju pickles in the oldest and most remarkable reputation one, its production and processing skills, Liubiju pickles, bright color, crisp fragrance, rich flavor, moderate sweet and salty sauce. With a bottle of Liubiju pickles become the sales profit scale of the country’s largest enterprises in pickle industry. Sales network throughout the northeast, northwest, north, South and other places, products are exported to Japan, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Canada, the United States and Europe, more than a dozen countries and regions.

NO.4 list of ten brands of mustard, fish springs:


Chongqing (Group) fish well preserved vegetable Co. Ltd. is located in Wanzhou District, Chongqing City, the hinterland of the Three Gorges Reservoir area. Agricultural products processing enterprises in the agricultural development, product development, processing, marketing at home and abroad. It is the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in our country. And through the IS>

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