What is the name of the method of food shop

the shop actually as we store, when consumers are shopping, will also be on the name of a lot of attention. Therefore, if you want to open a business hot food shop, naturally also need to have a proper name. However, many investors do not know how to give such a shop name. In fact, there is a way to master. So, what are the names of food shop method?

1, will be the name of the food shop and Taobao hot search words together, such as delicious fruit, delicious and so on.

2, the food shop name and commodity combination, this name can reflect the food shop products or reflect the operator’s characteristics, can stimulate customers shopping, similar food shop name: nice, just delicious etc..

3, food shop name should be associated with the service spirit of the name, such as night shops, 100 help service and credit department stores, grocery MaoYuan etc..

4, the name of the name of the name of the food shop and folk legends or historical celebrities. Such as "Dongpo restaurant" "Chang" Qianlong imperial clothing "," not too at the same time we should pay attention to whether constitute infringement or violation of the relevant provisions.

under the legal conditions, at the same time, let the store name and their products are closely related, and the combination of hot search words related to food shop, a more appropriate name, to attract more consumers, let the store business is more prosperous.

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