University City retail stores will fail

said business location, University City is regarded as a good location. However, even in such a bustling lot location, the same may not succeed, the same will usher in the failure of the shop. So, even in the University City to open a retail store, there may be failure oh. This does not, let the following Xiaobian to introduce this case.

economic recession in this year, many companies large layoffs. MS Wong is one of them. Fortunately, there can be little savings card over a period of time the unemployment light of heart from care. But it’s not the way to go. Ms. Huang moved the idea of entrepreneurship, home roasted ancestral craft, home business is very good. But the house is a brother and sister, she is not too good. So choose to open their own snack shop in Hefei University city.

of the University of Hefei City, 8 universities around ordinarily buy what do not lose money. Ms. Wong quickly in college town to a store. Decoration, purchase, buy equipment. Big walnut peanut seeds and their modulation of roasted fried seasoning even for a lifetime old father also said roasted. In this way, Ms. Wong’s store opened.

opened three days before the first day of ninety percent off second days seventy percent off days third half off. Instead of making a lot of money. But Ms. Wong is very happy, after all, a lot of guests every day, as long as the guests recognize the taste after the fear of making money?

days slowly in the past, Ms. Wong can earn hundreds of dollars a day. Very happy in my heart, which is much higher than the wages. A month later。 Pay a rent hydropower 20000, there are still 1000! Their living expenses are not enough, but also the next month! Adhere to the six months later, Ms. Wong spent savings. Finally see reality give up.

why in 8 universities around the University City to open a snack bar will lose money?

first, site selection, Ms. Wong’s location is very good, a lot of University City traffic. Are the target population, but she did not take into account competitors, University City snack bar has 6, the franchise has a brand appeal of the 4, two old brands of snack bar done for many years, there are snacks street. Disperse many passengers. And the rent is high.

second, purchase, and home purchase channels, but the home is the local purchase their own car to pick it up, Ms. Wong in Hefei, freight transportation is also a small amount of money. And not to pick the goods, often by unscrupulous businessmen doping.

third, a single commodity, commodity, taking students as the target group, only roasted seeds and nuts, products are too single, and lose a lot of potential customers.

only by all ideas, and the formation of the outside view, in fact, for career development will have a recommendation

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