The world’s first carbon fiber intelligent robot electronic drive car was born in Lianyungang

economy in the continuous development of science and technology is changing with each passing day, resulting in a lot of new technology in the market continue to come out. The world’s first carbon fiber intelligent robot electronic drive car recently in Lianyungang Eagle carbon fiber bicycle Limited by Share Ltd was born, is of great significance, let’s look at the specific details.

based on the original carbon fiber bicycle mature products, through more than half a year of efforts, the company successfully developed on carbon fiber electronic drive vehicle. "The frame of the electronic drive car uses a full carbon fiber material and advanced molding technology, the body is light, even the women can easily carry." Zhang Siwei, chairman of the company said.

environmental pollution in the continuous destruction, the quality of our living environment is getting worse and worse, in order to further promote the sustainable development of ecological environmental protection intelligent products, in the market continue to appear. I hope that in the future, when we change the concept of the same time, there can be more eco-friendly products come out, we can play a very good role in the protection of the ecological environment.

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