Top ten brands of skates

skating has become a kind of sport that many people like very much. However, it is necessary to have more professional skating shoes. Next, let Xiaobian introduce the ten major brands of skates, so as to be able to give you the choice to make a better reference to help more consumers to buy more suitable skates good products.

skate ten brands list NO.1, Michael MCRO: From Zurich, leader of domestic and international skating series products, skate ten brands, authorized agent of Zhongshan Hao million sports goods co..

ten NO.2 brand, dynamic: large enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, specializing in the design and production of roller skates series of sports products business, the industry’s famous brand, Guangdong Sen Hai sporting goods Co., ltd..

skate ten brands list NO.3, Rollerblade: International inline skating industry leading brand, one of the largest providers of global industry pioneer skating, skating equipment, Beijing snowfavor sports goods co..

skate ten brands list NO.4, Peugeot Levin: from Germany’s top roller equipment brand, has the most complete product line of roller skating shoes, very well-known brands, Xiamen bonlion Levin Sports Goods Co. ltd..

skate ten brands list NO.5, puma: professional design and production of skating shoes series of sporting goods enterprises, ten roller skating shoes brand, industry famous brand, Guangzhou mountain lion sports equipment Co. Ltd.

skating shoes ten big brand rankings: ROCES ROCES NO.6, founded in 1952 in Italy, one of the roller skates and the design and production of leading enterprises in the world, Guangzhou sporting goods Co. Ltd.

skating shoes ten big brand ranking NO.7, founded in 1969 in Taiwan, Kinmen and Matsu: professional skating shoes production enterprises, the domestic industry leading brands, ten brands of roller skates, Xiamen Golden Horse skate Co. ltd..

skating shoes ten big brand rankings: Zudys NO.8, the international sports brand, one of the most competitive of the largest sports brand, skate ten brands, Guangdong mesuca sports goods co..

skate ten brands list NO.9, TIAN-E: the famous Swan brand specializing in the production of various types of roller skates / skateboard / helmet / protector sports leisure equipment business, Ningbo Swan Sports Goods Manufacturing Co. ltd..

ten brands of skates

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