Nuozha age fraud frequently traced to almost black

entertainment now has many leaks, recently there are a lot of stars have been burst, then coulee nuozha because of their age fraud are explosive, but for such a bid, there is also no way to prove that is true.

"black body" coulee nuozha recently as the storm continued, she in reality show "Idol" to cry a lot of friends in her black ", let many of the audience for the sweet girls with compassion, but it seems more and more netizens also for her big controversy. Recently, a netizen coulee nuozha age is 27 years old, was born in 1988, in order to develop Guli Nazha later changed her age, contributed to the Film Academy last year called the best candidate.

and netizen can go to the Xinjiang art school to check, she only played Huanzhugege inside the Maddie Xiangfei late session, Medina is that she was 88 years 89 years 88 years old people, but it can’t be 92 years.

reporter to see Baidu encyclopedia, found the age coulee nuozha is written at the age of 23, was born in May 2, 1992 in Xinjiang Urumqi, China mainland actress, model, from 16 years old to start a part-time plane model and dancer, was educated at Xinjiang Arts Institute high school.


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