How to do it can become the retail industry fishing

if you want to evaluate the best service brand in a restaurant industry, I believe many people simply do not have to think, the answer is to say directly, it is natural fishing. Speaking of the sea, we are not unfamiliar, waiting for dinner, you are free to eat fruit, drink, free shoeshine; guests sit point meal, the waiter will carefully for a long haired lady handed elastic and hairpins, wearing glasses will be the guest lens cleaning cloth……

analysis, sea fishing through the meticulous service, let the customer to evaluate, to praise, to the mouth, to do free advertising for themselves! In a word, the sea is the use of word-of-mouth marketing model. So, as a traditional cigarette retail industry, how to use the word of mouth marketing to create greater profit value for cigarette retailers?

impress customers with details

went to sea fishing friends must remember, through the use of sea fishing to deepen the detail service ultimate, improve the quality of service, so that people in the sea fishing dining experience become a happy experience, diners will become the carrier of word-of-mouth publicity.

for retail businesses, to impress customers with the details of the formation of word of mouth is the foundation of word of mouth marketing. A friend to buy 5 "Yellow Crane Tower (hard treasures)", after a retail store he often go to a telephone call, the other told him now only two, the day after tomorrow have arrived, he said that as many as two days. I wonder, this smoke is not difficult to buy ah, why not change a shop? He told me that the owner of the shop was good and respected. The reason is that every time he bought things in the card, the boss will use both hands to the card to him, and to remind him to get the card. This is the details, touched the customer, which is the formation of the word of mouth effect.

impress customers with value services

is how to become a sea of mouth marketing benchmark? Again, the clerk noticed a guest to radish quail egg above the folder to the bowl to eat, she feel that the guest must be very love to eat carrots, so let the real dishes get a plate of radish, radish and took to Taiwan to put a few seasoning sauce. When she brought the shredded radish to the table, the guests were surprised and happy. The following month, they came 3 times, and introduced other friends.

a bowl of shredded radish can grab a table of guests, this is the magic word of mouth marketing! For cigarette retail businesses, value-added services does not mean expensive, not easy to do the service, but the customer needs as a starting point, such as "shredded" such a "trivial" to impress the customers. For example: when the customer enters the shop to deliver a cigarette, the hot summer is handed over a bottle of mineral water, has the condition to put on the table and chairs in the shop to let the customer rest, delivers the blessing in the customer birthday and so on. While these "premium" services are viewed

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