Chinese medicine barbecue make big business

barbecue people are familiar with, may be a lot of people love to eat, and traditional Chinese medicine, people are not unfamiliar, a lot of people like traditional Chinese medicine, but if the combination of these two, what will happen? Mr. Deng will take you to witness the miracle!

thoroughly tempered fruition

"I opened Chinese barbecue shop, not only see this lucrative business opportunities, but also by the Chinese barbecue founder Gao Jianxiao Rao not to create a brand will and impressed by the spirit." In 1993, the poor Gao Jianxiao took the money 80 yuan, alone came to a construction site when a porter. One evening after work, Gao Jianxiao faint in the ground, when he woke up, a barbecue smell. He opened his eyes, a man hand holding water, holding a few strings for him to eat barbecue.

when old man know Gao Jianxiao he dropped out of school, working in construction, Tilibuzhi faint after what street said: "the construction work is manual work, how can you handle the thin body? You come and help me to do a barbecue, I tube you eat, you can also learn skills," Gao Jianxiao nodded.

but long time working in the smoky environment, great damage to the eyes. One morning, when he woke up, he felt he could see nothing. In order to spend less money, Gao Jianxiao had to choose to return home to find the old Chinese medicine: treatment. "Compared with western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine not only temporary cure, but when you do not have the disease can also eat, eat a physical fitness, disease prevention."

each add marinade of Chinese medicinal materials and components are not the same, can quickly let all kinds of meat marinated meat, meat thoroughly. Less than 3 months, his barbecue has been famous in the local, admiring diners in a continuous line, Chinese barbecue was born.

strike a deep chord

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