Barbecue shop location guide

barbecue industry development prospects are good, the operation is also more flexible, strong adaptability of the project market, shop location easier. In what lots of barbecue shop to make more money? If you want to learn the location of knowledge, you can take a look at.

1. tourist attractions: playing tired tourists do not care about the price, as long as you can fill the stomach as soon as possible. Pay attention to health, do not let visitors eat bad belly.

2. diet Street: open in a street of food, popular with everyone together, you can enjoy a strong popularity.

3. residential area: barbecue is a casual snacks, residents in the evening with a family or 3, 5 friends to the barbecue shop is a common way of leisure.

4. Campus: students love the party, cheap barbecue shop is the first choice.

5. small towns: now a lot of small towns are very rich, and the variety of food is very simple, it can be regarded as a good place for new development.

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