Li Jiacheng my success stems from these seven words

first word: respect for

14:30, the door opened, the 85 year old Li Jiacheng smiled and walked in, walk quickly, without any help. He shook hands with everyone, bent down and handed his business card, smiled, looked at everyone seriously, almost unnecessary to introduce himself with the Chaozhou tone Mandarin: "Li Jiacheng".

full network comments: managers generally have two kinds of orientation of subordinates. One is the control orientation, one is the orientation of respect. Which is more important? Here omit 1 words… You think for themselves…

second words: self

85 year old Li Jiacheng, so far from the early years of entrepreneurship, has maintained two habits: one is before going to sleep, must read, non professional books, he will focus, if related to the company’s professional, even more ugly, he will read it; the two is to look at ten after dinner minute English TV, not only to see, but also follow said loudly, "because of fear of falling behind".

this hard work and self-discipline, than the non ordinary people.

on work habits, the most famous are the details of Li Jiacheng’s schedule: whether go to bed at 5:59 in the morning, a certain alarm rang up. Then he listened to the news, played 1.5 hours of golf, and then went to the office.

The whole network

third words: a

Familiar with

The whole network of

comments: failed to think through, do not think the success is difficult, which is adverse.

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