Novice how to operate tea shop

tea culture in our country for thousands of years, in the new century has also been a lot of people’s favorite. And tea has a unique effect on human health, investment in tea projects, both the heritage of culture, but also a good business. So the tea shop should be how to operate?

distribution of Chinese tea area, the variety of tea, tea, Sheng essence, called the world.   with the progress of human civilization, people’s pace of life accelerated, tea on human health and the unique role of cultural values are further revealed and sublimated. Tea has been the people of the world as a health care Kangle, social networking, purification of the soul, the spread of cultural ties.

to complete a variety of tea

is the key to understand the taste:

tea if they sell, the key is not suitable for the tastes of consumers. For businesses, the key is to purchase according to the tastes of consumers, consumer tastes are different in different areas, such as northern consumers love tea, southern consumers love Green Tea, northwest consumer favorite tea. This requires businesses to regularly go to the investigation, extensive contact with consumers, the demand for the purchase of adjustment.

How about

tea only variety, and seasonal storage is very strong, very strict, which requires merchants to science at the time of purchase, do not plan at once into a lot of goods, must be based on the size of the business and the annual sales volume, based on a full understanding of the dynamics of the market forecast sales that year then, the appropriate purchase. For high-grade tea, but be careful to purchase, not high profit. In many, the best to recommend

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