Wang Haiqin prominent store characteristics to obtain customer recognition

is different from many city shops, if a shop where there are so many features, the store may be these features to highlight, so as to ensure the store can get higher recognition, get a greater degree of development. So, there are a lot of shops have been able to get a leap in development, often because of the integration of the local characteristics.

as a national scenic archipelago, Shengsi Islands Sea odd reef fishing boat sands natural scenery attracts visitors from all corners of the country. Wulong Tian Ao Cun is the most characteristic Sijiao Island fishing village, let you go out to look at the sea waterfront building, well-proportioned the facades of houses painted with rich local characteristics of the fishermen paintings, there was people known as "Dong Hai village".

don’t wear travel souvenir T-shirts

Wang Haiqin in the East China Sea fishing village runs a grocery store, the store is located in Tian Ao Cun village, where is the only place of tourists into the village. But Wang Haiqin found that many tourists will go straight through their stores, to the nearby small convenience store to buy things. Wang Haiqin remain perplexed despite much thought, until one day, a young man was going into her grocery store, but the girl pulled this shop, "dark and small things, certainly not good, we go to the convenience store to buy." In a word filled with wisdom, Wang Haiqin realized that a good store image is an important factor to attract customers. So she made up her mind to make a thorough transformation of her shop.

transformation of the cigarette business district image

shop is a shop facade, Zhoushan tobacco companies for all to join the modern terminal of a unified design of the retail business in line with the characteristics of the island shop. The color is blue ocean bottom, bulguksa yellow edge, the overall feeling of striking but not provocative, introverted and not monotonous. Wang Haiqin added the cabinet and cabinet back and shop signs in the same style, while the two wall opened to increase pavement operating area, demolition of the old shelves, re purchase of a new shelf. A transformation down, gray, small grocery store disappeared, replaced by a spacious, bright convenience store.

has, in order to highlight the characteristics of Wang Haiqin Island, will also store divided area, a cigarette retail district, District, District of non-staple food beverage. She will love the water, dredging children toys, fishing tools placed at the door or hanging outside the gate, convenient for visitors to buy a full tour souvenir badge don’t "T-shirt" shirt hanging also quite mind in front of the above. Printed with fishermen paintings and the "East China Sea fishing village," the symbol of the badge, with a thick island style, attracting visitors to stop the past to watch, but also brought a lot of business opportunities for the store.

a change, so that the store’s business quickly became popular, has become a number of customer recognition

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