Micro blog payment function will be at the end of June in the station open

in the previous   2014  GMIC , the general assembly, micro-blog listed for the first time after the external sound, said it would open micro-blog payment applications, to build a social business closed loop based on micro-blog payment. After a period of time after the test, Sina micro-blog yesterday held a press conference, said the station open at the end of June when micro-blog paid, regardless of their business or personal account can submit an application, you can access the payment after approval by micro-blog.

"based on closed loop" social business micro-blog payment, refers to the concept of micro-blog to create a diversion + pay + service and two marketing "based on. Business owners can get the user through micro-blog, through the "micro-blog" payment can be directly through micro-blog to complete the purchase, and through the "service" and other tools (including fan service platform, light application service framework, business data and advertising   API  etc.), in targeted fans marketing.

The general manager of

and according to Cheng Yu said, the station open micro-blog to pay, will not be limited to enterprises and institutions in the past have operating licenses certified general real name authentication account and personal account, all micro-blog registered users can apply for access, then micro-blog’s personal and business accounts will have the ability to receivables and trade.

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