Five thousand yuan reward Zhanjiang veterans entrepreneurial welfare good

not only college students have incentives, even retired entrepreneurs have incentives. Zhanjiang, the latest introduction of a preferential policy for retired soldiers to give a certain reward, bonus is five thousand yuan, which can make a lot of retired soldiers feel gratified, please read below.

According to

A is to give enterprises to absorb the employment difficulties identified as retired soldiers social security subsidies and job subsidies. According to the "on the issuance of the" Guangdong provincial employment promoting the use of special funds management approach "Circular" (Guangdong Finance Agency [2014] No. 188) regulations, employers absorb retired employment difficulties identified as soldiers, with the signing of 1 years of the term of the labor contract and pay social insurance premiums in accordance with the provisions, according to the basic the pension fee, the employment difficulties actually paid basic medical insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance subsidies, in addition, also give job subsidies, job subsidies standards according to the city’s minimum wage 50%. Subsidies in addition to the statutory retirement age of less than 5 years from the staff can be extended to retirement. The rest of the maximum length of not more than 3 years.

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