30 thousand yuan venture seven projects

now many young people have an entrepreneurial idea, at the same time, some young people on the road of entrepreneurship often will encounter some financial difficulties, and now explore some low cost small business project is an important link of entrepreneurship.

to business people, the selection of projects is the first and most important step in the selection process of the project, subject to funding constraints, can do the project is relatively limited, so there are 30 thousand yuan for entrepreneurs who can do what the project


1, a 30 thousand yuan venture Rare Stone Store: pick a stone, is to look at the overall shape to be perfect, the pattern must be complete, reasonable collocation of color. Two is the touch stone, OK? Hardness is appropriate? Three to listen to, take good stones, for example, by beating, makes a musical sound. Different stones, great value difference. More and more people stone art appreciation now, they tend to be displayed in the home, not only had a collection of addiction, and decorate the room, and friends, between units send each other gifts, these rocks are often taken into account. Natural stone is produced in nature, it does not need any artificial carving, so the stone is a kind of art found.

2, 30 thousand yuan venture home peanut Square: in the market, instant tofu room is already a very mature entrepreneurial projects, welcomed by the public, profit is relatively stable. In fact, peanuts have the same potential for development, if you do a peanut square must be able to make money.

3, 30 thousand yuan venture Bay leather maintenance shop: Recently, the reporter found in several residential leather maintenance shop, shop business is booming. The snow falling in winter, fur, fur and leather has become the pursuit of fashion, however, if the coats are regular maintenance beauty, will be the same with other clothes, lose bright luster, it also provides an investment opportunity for investors.

4, 30 thousand yuan entrepreneurs to start a color health tofu shop: buy a small health tofu machine, in large and medium cities processing, sales of health tofu, a certain amount of benefits. And low investment, low risk, is a very suitable for urban low-income workers and laid-off workers to get rich. The new color of health is the processing of the soybean curd, peanut, medlar, jujube and other health tofu machine specially designed, and instead of gypsum, brine with the ecological coagulant. This method processed tofu, not only has high nutritional value, but also has the characteristics of good taste, no bitterness, no beany flavor and good elasticity.

5, 30 thousand yuan start ice: "ice" can give people the heat a refreshing cool and quiet. 30 thousand yuan to open a business Bay ice bar is a good a way of earning money. The hot summer heat pressing, unbearable. Throughout the school a variety of leisure and entertainment, it seems that some of the noisy and a little less quiet. Million yuan investment projects recommended with increasing students’ learning pressure, students recommended

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