Fujian special funds to support the content of up to 17

in order to further promote the sound and rapid economic development, Fujian has set up a special financial support to help more innovative entrepreneurs to complete their dreams and achieve their goals. Here we look at specific.

reporter learned from the commerce department, this year our province continues to be supported Fujian goods proprietary e-commerce platform and Fujian goods online professional market, cross-border e-commerce projects, qualified enterprises in June 15th before reporting to the local commerce and finance department.

it is understood that the special funds to support the content of up to 17. Among them, Fujian goods online professional market reward reporting conditions: our province industry associations, leading enterprises, professional market and third party service agencies around the province of advantageous industries in Alibaba, Jingdong and other well-known third party e-commerce platform for the construction of Fujian goods online professional market (such as industrial zone); in 2015 50 enterprises settled entities above, net annual sales of more than 100 million yuan.

cross border e-commerce distribution center and the construction of the exhibition center to declare the conditions for the subsidy: in the special customs supervision area or with customs and inspection and quarantine supervision of the region set up

cross-border e-commerce distribution distribution center and Exhibition Center, and the construction area of over 3000 square meters; by cross-border e-commerce enterprises invested, built warehousing logistics distribution or display transaction information system, and the province (city) cross-border e-commerce platform for public service docking docking or commitment.

cross-border e-commerce public service project construction grant reporting conditions: the reporting unit has a cross-border e-commerce platform for public service or for our province cross-border e-commerce enterprises to provide simplified customs clearance, logistics, payment, tax process and other public services, the completion of the project reporting time for the September 2015 to declare the project before the deadline.

cross-border e-commerce brand in the province to create incentives, reporting conditions: the province of cross-border e-commerce enterprises (platform) 2015 cross-border e-commerce sales for the first time more than 5 million u.s..

addition, Fujian goods Internet to expand the market reward reporting conditions: in our province, the famous time-honored brand, "three one" (pollution-free agricultural products (000061, shares), green food, organic agricultural products and agricultural products of geographical indications) and the characteristics of Arts and crafts and traditional trade circulation enterprises, wholesale market industrial enterprises, using proprietary e-commerce platform or the third party platform sales of products.

2015 online sales exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time (through online payment tool settlement amount); agricultural products sales network 2015 annual sales of 50 million yuan retail or wholesale network with annual sales of 100 million yuan (through online payment tool settlement amount recommended)

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