How to improve the performance of clothing store

clothing industry has always been very hot, many entrepreneurs want to open their own clothing store, in order to be able to make more money, then you have to master some business skills in advance. How to improve the performance of the clothing store? First of all, we must learn to analyze the psychology of consumers, let us look at the following.

one, showing off is not equal to the beauty of

consumers have a show off mentality, show off their beauty, show off their wealth. In the face of conspicuous consumption psychology of customers outside the shopping guide not only to praise their dress appropriately, we should pay more attention to quality, Gaodanghua, conspicuous consumers to buy clothing, not only focus on the external effect, is more about clothing to bring the identity or symbol of wealth. For them, the price of clothing has become a secondary factor. This is the reason for those luxury brands, such as LV, GUCCI can be swept the world, so many loyal customer base.

and those who love the beauty of consumers, but also pay attention to the artistic beauty of the goods themselves. For them, the color is not harmonious, other can heighten their temperament, the version is not fit, there is no design trend, is the reason why they are considered. The majority of female consumers, or the beauty of the psychological accounted for the majority, or the beauty of the customer more. In the face of the beauty of the customer, in the recommended time, from the United States and suitable to go up, the effect will be more obvious.



preferred xenophilia psychological psychology

with the pace of internationalization of China’s development, the apparel industry has been a very deep influence, from Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries began to enter the clothing market clothing. Many consumers have to think foreign psychology, international brand identity, to highlight the taste, even some consumers for imported clothing has the blind pursuit of mind. In the face of such a customer, the introduction of the introduction of the focus of the shopping guide, you can introduce the fabric of the country in the fabric of a certain country, or the designer of a certain country, etc.. But clothing recommendations, pay attention to pragmatic, if the fictional facts, even if the sale is successful, once consumers find being cheated, then I am afraid that the loss is not only a customer, but also lost their goodwill.

preferred type of consumers, some of the clothing for critical, they want to spend the least money to buy the best clothing, deep analysis is concerned, is more focused on price. In the face of this type of consumer shopping guide to emphasize their clothing price, of course if given appropriate discount is feasible, but need to consider the cost and profit, or sales promotion, profit decline, some The loss outweighs the gain..

would like to open a successful clothing store, it was time, to understand the needs of customers to sell their products. If you want to

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