2012 new business opportunities in business so you can easily earn a

2011 is coming to an end, the new year is about to start, how in this blockbuster of the year, to create amazing wealth, which has a close relationship with the selected industry. Here, the small series will be listed in 2012 for some business opportunities, I hope to help you.

2012 the most profitable business ideas: to 1 billion 300 million people thirst


2012 the most profitable business ideas: World creating opportunities for

There is an old saying that "hunger breeds discontentment"

source: China Hotel Association, the above data comparison table showed that the Chinese average per person per year in the restaurant to spend only $36, and $1000 for Americans, 36 and 1000, there are 30 times the growth of space! So, our first advice is: do the catering industry to make a feature, realization the scale of industrialization. The number of American catering enterprises is Chinese 23%, about 87, but the number of workers is Chinese catering 42%, so second of our recommendations are: improve the quality of service, to attract more labor population. Japan has a case? Shop only sells doughnuts, opened a lot of stores in Japan, earning a lot of money; there are ginseng chicken stores in South Korea; specializing in selling ice chain stores in Taiwan Chinese; in Chinese Hongkong people only sell the paste…… >

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