Chain restaurant dishes how to promote

no matter what you do, can not be separated from sales, sales can not be separated from the promotion of the means, let us know the following, the chain restaurant dishes how to promote? Hope to be able to help you in your business.

dishes to be constantly new, but after a launch dishes what price, let the guests pay many cheerful strategies, is a mystery, some extre mely subtle, perhaps only to know the moon. Today, the hotel is mostly to the kitchen dishes pricing, therefore, we visited many large and small restaurant chef, and will be the way to sort out, then to readers.

For example:

This is

the conventional method, but in addition, there are many practical tips on pricing dishes. Tang Qinglin, chef, Chengdu, travel extensively from the kitchen for more than ten years, and informed. He put the dishes pricing which can be pondering a Dier, and summed up the " ", " low loss; profit, " " ", " normal profit; high profit " several pricing methods.


Chengdu home called " fishing every day " the large chain restaurant chain, Monday, sell one yuan a pound of shrimp, Tuesday to sell two yuan a pound on Wednesday, three yuan a catty, and so on. We all know that shrimp to 20 yuan a pound, a few yuan price to make diners really see the benefits, so high enough to reach the purpose of.

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