Sun Erniang hot pot needs to meet what conditions

"the Water Margin" is the story of the hero Liang known to every family, although most are men, but the sun and the niangs Hu San Niang impressive, is bravado beauties. Nowadays, many of our restaurants like to be named after famous characters in historical novels. Today to recommend Hot pot shop is concerned with Sun Erniang, called sun niangs Hot pot shop. Sun Erniang is set Hot pot delicious and healthy, fashionable and convenient in one, reflects the characteristics of modern fast food, consumers can choose their own bottom material, seasoning, can package can be a single point, fresh free collocation, Hot pot! Is a very popular with young people in the hot pot brand, so how to join the sun niangs Hot pot?

sun Hot pot to join niangs what conditions need to be met? How to join?

sun niangs Hot pot the basic conditions for joining

1, with a fixed place of business, fixed sales network and complete sales force.

2, have certain economic strength and management ability.

3, with a wealth of marketing experience, the agency has the experience of fast moving consumer goods, can quickly cut into the local market.

4, has a good business reputation and social relations in the local,

5, keen on the development of Sun Erniang hotpot.

6, to meet our franchisee licensing standards.

sun niangs joining process:

Hot pot

1, join consulting

2, field trips

3, signed a contract

4, pay related costs

5, select address

6, decoration

7, trial business

8, business

9, late support

The above is the simple introduction of the

procedure and joined sun niangs Hot pot condition, if you are on the Hot pot to join the brand interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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