2016 Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship competition is underway

if you are an entrepreneur in Tianjin, if you are satisfied with the results of their own business, then do not hesitate to sign up to participate in the 2016 Tianjin innovation and entrepreneurship contest. Registration is in progress, look forward to your joining oh.

4 month 29 days, reporters from Tianjin city in 2016 and the fifth session of the Chinese innovation contest of innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Tianjin Division) work to promote the meeting that in 2016 Tianjin city innovation contest officially kicked off.

contest is divided into enterprise group and team group, registration time from now until June 12th. It is reported that the contest will be the preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in late 7 due diligence and to early August, and ultimately decide the enterprise group and the group of one or two teams, third-prize and a number of outstanding awards, winning projects will be given a one-time grant special funds. In addition, finalists finalists and winners of the enterprise and team will be given priority to the relevant investment institutions.

final winners will be given a certain amount of loans granted by the relevant bank credit. Final award team, the choice of the public in the city to create a space to settle the relevant preferential policies will be. During the contest, the organizing committee will arrange a number of briefings, will also focus on the training of shortlisted companies, and held lectures, seminars and special salon salon and other activities.

now has more than half of May, June was coming soon, if you want to participate in the 2016 Tianjin city innovation and entrepreneurship competition, so, now come on in, perhaps, a good reward is with you oh.

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