College students can not ignore the small opportunity

there are a lot of college students after graduation chose to start a business, but there are a lot of people have failed, there are still a lot of people still on the road. Here, I made a small collection of a number of college students entrepreneurial deeds, I know some of the reasons for the failure of college students, hoping to give some college students are about to start warning!

1, from the outside of the family and social adversity resistance to seek the support of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial prosperity. Many typical business news reports, seem to be breaking the secular concept of family, hinder, in people’s mocking words in adversity, this propaganda is one-sided. Only by obtaining the support of family and property, or the support of key business people, can the college students increase their chances of success. So the first task of College Students’ entrepreneurial marketing is to take their business plan to relatives and friends to sell out, get their approval.

2, the ambitious, down-to-earth to. Many expectations of college students, business goals are very ambitious, but these magnificent ideas, business plan is far beyond the entrepreneur’s own ability and available resources, is to "business" and showy impression. So it is necessary to airborne landing, within the scope of their business. We all know that "don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier", and "not being a good soldier general is not a good general".

3, from zero capital – to create the world, to moderate venture capital. At present, the bookstore has a considerable part of financial books to teach people to do this business, start empty-handed, "sleight of hand", in fact is to start any venture capital, corporate registration, name card, seal box with head, set up a website to thousands of dollars, people might do is "low venture capital" instead of "zero venture capital".

4, too optimistic from the entrepreneurial prospects, to face the difficulties of entrepreneurship. We found that in the past few years, 40, 50 year old entrepreneurs, in the outlook on the prediction of general pessimism, conservative and cautious; and young people generally optimistic about the prospects, excitement. In fact, in the initial stage of the enterprise difficult, college students have to fully estimate the difficulties.

5, from the full of passion and enthusiasm to return peace of mind. College students must be heat flow, we are also infected. Entrepreneurship is a kind of career, is a career, is a process of growth, relying on short-term enthusiasm is not enough, you need to have a lasting peace of mind. In addition, students are particularly vulnerable to extreme pride and confidence to go, to abandon in frustration and inferiority after extreme, at this time of more honor to have common heart.

6, from the new, revolutionary entrepreneurial field, to local innovation. College students like to do big things, often on the industrial structure and lifestyle is a revolutionary, quite the achievements of the transformation of mountains and rivers. But this is beyond their own ability, unrealistic. Entrepreneurship must be innovative, but more suitable for small and micro enterprises to choose local innovation, small leather items,

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