Do you have a high cost of opening a restaurant

parent-child consumption in the current market is becoming more and more popular, coupled with the food and beverage industry has been a very large demand, many people are thinking of opening a family restaurant. However, entrepreneurship is the need for cost. So, the cost of opening a parent-child restaurant? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis, look at the operation of such a cause, whether you can bear!

the core competitiveness of children’s food and beverage is to attract parents to bring their children to spend, so in addition to providing food and beverage outside the restaurant, but also the establishment of recreational facilities, and DIY and interactive teaching part.

For example,

MeeTown of Shenzhen mystery hall restaurant, in addition to the overall layout of a reality version of the Alice Dream Park, the entire restaurant and naughty room, craft room, sterile water and a few house party house theme and function of different partitions, each partition design and unique decoration.

is it expensive to open a restaurant? Therefore, compared to the general small catering business, family restaurant store investment is relatively large, the rate of capital return is relatively slow, most businesses will raise food prices, per capita consumption of more family restaurant at 200 yuan.

at the same time, although many family restaurant business model is very creative, but there are still many more big restaurants, upscale hotel, have the ability to extend services to the "family" model, the formation of competition and brand new family restaurant.

this case, want to attract more parents, continue to get attention, the business will have to maintain high quality of service, continue to introduce new.

is it expensive to open a restaurant? Some family restaurant opened a high-end baby products, from baby food supplement to high-end baby stroller, car seat, everything about babies are ready to provide one-stop service + + catering parent-child shopping, also provide customized services for many family restaurant birthday party.

in addition, software facilities are also the main direction of development, many parents will spend a lot of energy and cost, in the theme of the activities of the development of design and material preparation.

such as a family restaurant every day set 5 active periods, each period of about half an hour, the theme has a story, crafts, art, music, dance, mini cinema, at different times to let each children have some play, some parents will be based on the store released ahead of the upcoming event, selectively to shop.

also has a family restaurant by a carefully designed to capture brand activities of parents and children, such as a Western-style food family restaurant, will be held once a month "vanilla guerrillas" experience activities, children follow chef learning vanilla knowledge, do dessert, ice cream and hamburger way through the game to learn, while exercising.

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