ntroduction of ribs

said the famous food in pork ribs, China menu is Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs. Of course, ribs varied, how good are doing, it’s very moreish and ribs in Rui Xiang ribs that Jiao Xiang soft taste, often eat one of the can’t help sucking aftertaste.

Rui Xiang ribs Royal supreme bone feast, through the Millennium fragrance. The song Zhaojian inflammation, Royal eating ribs, so Miyamauchi Mi and folk master have developed cheats, cooking in bone. Among them, a proficient medical science essayist Wang Ruixiang strange folk, offer exclusive flavor ribs with its delicacy, fine flour and glutinous patina, inside ribs marbled, special sauces prolong health advantages of deep court nobles talent shows itself, love.

Rui Xiang ribs bone side and complex, heritage and the meaning of home. Wang Ruixiang asymptotic age, on his deathbed, the bone odd side to two One divides into two., son, two people can together to create business. Who expected two young young people all vertical portals, but do not part company each going his own way, father made delicious ribs. Wang ribs in tatters. A few years later, Wang’s two son reunion will be made one side of bone, bone cooked together, finally reproduce in Imperial delicious ribs.

it is never thought ah, did not expect a delicious Rui Xiang ribs actually have such a great story and so legendary story, in front of the computer you are hungry, still hesitant what, hurriedly stretch out your hands, give us a message on our website below, and further understanding of the joining Rui Xiang ribs!

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