Handan to establish a business incubator base vigorously push Entrepreneurship

is now in the society advocate of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has actually not simply become so simple, but it also bears such a problem to solve the employment, so there are many government departments are actively promoting people’s entrepreneurship.

the county in all villages and towns (street) established employment social security services, held special recruitment activities, for job seekers and employers matchmaking. In recent years, the county has helped 621 successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship driven employment of 1031 people.

to optimize the business environment, the county established a county business incubator can accommodate more than 100 business entities, business, taxation, management consulting, business guide, project recommendation and other business support, help entrepreneurs solve early stage venture capital, venues and other problems. In order to let more employment groups enjoy employment support policies, where the implementation of employment difficulties flexible employment in Handan county can enjoy a maximum of not more than 3 years of social insurance subsidies, at present this work is the declaration and registration, audit stage.

from some government departments want to solve the problem of employment to keep up, to build a good business platform for the majority of entrepreneurs is a very important thing, at the same time, in the process of helping to build a business platform can also help solve the employment problem.


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