How to run a convenience store

y and shopping malls supermarkets, convenience stores because of its own market positioning and target population, to want to invest in convenience stores for entrepreneurs, want to open a convenience store, you should consider how to provide the convenience of service life. The following summary of the convenience store business skills, hoping to help operators effectively improve store efficiency.

commodity science combination strategy

convenience store operating area in general 50-150m2, it is necessary to emphasize the efficient use of resources. The convenience store merchandise combination is the key to the convenience store business success or failure, will cause the improper allocation of goods, customers want goods, do not want too many goods, but also waste a convenience store shelf space, the backlog of funds, will eventually lead to business failure. The convenience store catalog can be relatively scientific and reasonable guide store management of goods, according to the convenience store format of the target consumer groups to buy instant consumer orientation emphasizes (such as tobacco, beverages, instant foods), emergency consumer goods (such as medicines, health products), seasonal consumption category (e.g. cold drink) and service (such as mobile phone recharge, taxi umbrella etc.) category combination supplement, and according to the characteristics of business target market segments, according to the characteristics of the target consumer groups, such as campus convenience stores, convenience stores and hospital type sub directory.

merchandise scientific ordering strategy

shelf does not appear empty shelves, to ensure the full display of goods is the fundamental guarantee to do a good job selling. Therefore, the convenience stores goods ordering work by the manager personally on the one hand in the goods order management, especially to strengthen the key category of goods inventory control (such as tobacco, beverages, milk); on the other hand, according to the POS system implementation of commodity sales data according to the scientific order, commodity historical sales data with sales trend analysis, consider the transit time of goods, to ensure the goods out of stock, but also to ensure a reasonable inventory of stores.

new breed promotion strategy

young people are the convenience store main target consumer groups for more young people to the new needs of the situation usually should pay attention to new information collection and analysis of strengthening, suitable for the convenience store of the new time to join the convenience store merchandise sales area. And do a good job in the promotion of new products and special display and display work, to create a new convenience store format sales highlights and meet the needs of the target consumer groups format.

Price format dislocation strategy

convenience stores and community stores to implement different pricing strategies, improve the management of goods gross margin is an important measure to enhance the convenience stores profitability at the same time, through the research and analysis found that because of the road type consumer stores the majority of customers to lower price sensitivity, they are in pursuit of how in the most efficient.

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