How college students start their own business

in today’s economic downturn, many college students have the idea to choose their own business to achieve the dream of becoming rich, then how do college students start their own business? Xiao Bian here for everyone inventory one or two.

"decision thinking way out.   only have certain professional knowledge, no practical experience, there is no certain marketing concept, it is difficult to achieve practical results.   "Wuyi University Xu Hao said.   Wuyi University "commercial design competition" so far this year has got 4 consecutive sessions, the students to conduct market research on the selected project, make financial budget report, the feasibility of operation design, equivalent to the empty talk before the start "".   how are the students doing? The judges of the evaluation is: there are many things, less practice, many students rely entirely on the collection of information rather than actual combat to complete a project.   has the ideal to have the fervor, but lacks the experience and the related knowledge to the concrete market development is another difficulty which the university student faces.

Most of the college students’ interpersonal relationship

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