How to ace wheat sweet dessert

on the authentic dessert, it must be said that Taiwan dessert. One of the reasons why Taiwan desserts are popular is the natural health of the dessert itself. Wheat sweet Exelon inherits all features of desktop chain desserts, healthy, low-fat, whole grains, each product has a different taste, for a female friend, often eat dessert and beauty effect.

wheat sweet ace to join? Esther redefined wheat sweet ice cream market, with a sharp angle of ice cream as props elements of modern life, advocating natural, emphasizing innovation, pay attention to leisure, low sugar, and inexpensive to be real, to create wheat sweet childhood delicious, adult emotion sharing and special pastime of the elderly. Is a worthwhile venture entrepreneurs to join the project.

, join wheat sweet Q & A:

1, Q: how much money to invest in a franchise


A: in addition to wheat sweet brand franchise fees, franchisees need to shop rent, decoration, machinery and equipment, staff salaries and other expenses, according to the different consumption level of each city and the actual situation, excluding rent and transfer fee of RMB 30 thousand between -12 million in general.

2, Q: what conditions do you need to join


A: in China, there is a qualified store and the address of the company through the audit, you can apply for admission procedures. (see "join the cooperation mode and conditions" and "join process")

3, Q: stores need to open those documents and information?

A: after signing the contract, the company will provide a standardized, perfect business guidance process to inform the customer what procedures and prepare what information in advance.

4, Q: what are the company’s support and guidance to the franchise


A: the company has a professional management team, provide franchisee training, effectively enhance the franchisee and the clerk of the professional knowledge and practical skills, to join the national distributor meeting held on a regular basis, with the latest industry information and new products, enhance the professional franchise management capacity, with policy support "marketing investment cooperation and support".

5, Q: franchisee can shop in the non – Mai sweet Ace products?

A: in accordance with the franchise contract, the franchisee shall not engage in other non "wheat sweet eyes" products in the store, once found, the company will according to the stipulations of the contract for breach of responsibility.


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