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textile market demand is strong, and there are more and more people started to pay attention to the textile industry, facing every year people Everfount market demand, more and more people began to run the textile shop, attract consumers need to pay attention to some skills.

intercept by full-time personnel usually Miss etiquette and professional manufacturer of workers (mainly as clerk). The former attract, instructions, and guide customers to the latter, the identity of the expert for the customer to clear up doubts, and determined their purchase intention. They can use with each one has his good points. The site personnel to form the following array six interception effect:

a heavy Interceptor: Miss etiquette distributed in stores outside the primary barrier against First impressions are strongest.

double intercept: the store entrance Yingbin etiquette, with a single page here, let the customer know information, and homeopathic guidelines.

three interception: Miss etiquette hall away, there is a long hall in the store entrance and the elevator on the middle aisle, the back of the hall. Located in the corridor to intercept a post, blocking the flow of outlets in the store, so that people follow the direction of the direction of the elevator etiquette correct.

four on the elevator and intercept: Elevator etiquette guide, after three Miss etiquette leaflets serve, customer to uniformed Miss etiquette has formed a kind of subconscious, will follow the direction of this dress. Elevator etiquette can ensure that customers on the elevator, elevator etiquette is to ensure that customers are not easy to be diverted.

five stores to intercept: crossing interception, to ensure that customers would arrive at the store, avoid halfway back.

six stores on both sides of the population: interception interception, both welcome and indication of the role.

six intercept etiquette system, distribution line, invisibly weaving an entrance from the store to shop to store the "red carpet", let the customer along the route, Everfount delivery of popular stores.

the "red carpet" is to spread much, depending on the situation and the flow of people and the opponent’s reaction, can change at any time, change the intercept layout. For example, the morning people for a long time, the "carpet" appropriate widening, recruit more consumers; opponents on the road show, the "red carpet" can be extended to the opponent’s stage, the extension part of the personnel interception by the salesman is appropriate, it is more professional, more attractive to hukouduoshi.


– to do miss etiquette training, including: uniform, number, their operation, job responsibilities, and good spirit, full of enthusiasm, elegant gesture etc..

In fact,

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