Building materials franchisee should master the sales skills

no matter what kind of business, not to sell but trouble. Shop is to sell products, earn profit. Products can not be sold, the backlog of them, the way to get rich businesses blocked. Building materials franchisees need to master the sales skills?

1, Institute of closed questions the sales process, according to the questions some closed questions and we design each selling point, is to allow customers to answer "yes" and "no" problem. In the design of the closure of the problem, as far as possible to allow customers to answer "yes", if the answer is "yes", then we will be able to sell the basic success.

2, who is the buyer, who is the decision maker. In the sales process, try to attract the attention of policy makers, but also to be good at dealing with the impact, because it may affect our entire sales process. For example: the young couple with a shopping, more than women; middle-aged couples buy high-end products, mostly male dominated; the whole family, old and young to buy goods. Parents are the decision makers, money, children are the users, effects of goods.

3, in a story or subconscious consumer guide to the plot, you know we have to face a variety of consumers, we need to do is to make all kinds of consumers to our understanding of the functions of building materials products is very good, to strengthen our product impression, the story or subconscious can good to introduce consumers to our topic.

4, as far as possible to allow customers to participate in our sales interaction. Sales is an interactive process, not a stage for a person to perform, while doing a good job is to increase our product convincing, so that customers focus on the best way to explain the content.

5, learn to appeal and praise. Praise customers can make guests vanity rise, give guests a good impression, so that their brains, in favor of impulse buying, so that customers stay in the store time, more opportunities for success. For example: the use of moving language to make the customer’s determination, such as your family will love." Use a certain amount of action to make a decision about a hesitant customer, such as "if you look at it, you can try it again."."

6, learn to deal with bargain customers in the purchase of products, the main reasons for bargaining: first, the price objection; two, the pursuit of a sense of accomplishment. The first thing we should do is to be confident, to highlight the brand, and to build up a sense of integrity. Second, the need for appropriate consumer praise and praise, so that consumers get a certain degree of satisfaction. Finally, the persistent touch of the poor consumer heart.

7, sales process should pay attention to promote single. Master the skills needed to be efficient, to promote the single product in the interpretation process to a certain customer, in shilly-shally circumstances we have to help him make a decision, especially in the face of multiple consumers to discuss about the need to purchase, to help customers to make a decision, to promote the single.

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