Tianjin the Communist Youth League and the National People’s Congress face to face activities invite

series of government introduced the new deal to help create a new generation of customers to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship. However, there are still many practical problems in the actual implementation. In order to solve these problems, Tianjin people’s Congress and creating customer face-to-face consultation, to talk about the problem of entrepreneurship.

"we are born with a golden spoon, founders and investors are very strong, and near the Tianjin Municipal Corporation of the ‘wealthy’." Wang Hao’s opening leads to a burst of laughter. This young man is from Hugo workshop Schmidt, "even so, from our landing situation, much slower than imagined."

"must take the real voice to all levels of government!" Wang Hao nodded to the opposite side of the Xiang army scattered, this is the second time he took the words of Wang Hao, "the government to absorb these views, can provide good service. These companies can settle in Tianjin, the real growth and development."

this is the December 30, 2015 Tianjin Municipal Corporation organized by the Communist Youth League and the National People’s Congress face-to-face activities". Several members of the Municipal People’s Congress sitting opposite a group of young entrepreneurs, to explore how to promote the development of youth entrepreneurship".

the face-to-face activities held in Tianjin city Jinnan district north gate town hit off the factory. Here was originally just an ordinary four story building, now has become the first national name one of the public space.

"qiongzesibian!" North gate town Party Secretary Ma Shanshan explained the changes happening here. North Gate in the town has become a Hanziqiye gathering zone in early 1995, the largest total of 116 enterprises in this together, mainly for Samsung, LG and other companies to do the processing of electronic products, "once very brilliant".

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