Li Jincheng opened a shop fire business

for any of the current entrepreneurs, the most concerned about nothing more than to master more business skills, the successful opening of a shop. For Li Jincheng, it’s not a problem! Li City Mall is located in Shandong Yantai tobacco Haihe road in Haiyang City, surrounding the downtown business district, the competition is very fierce. After several years of hard work, the owner Li Jincheng will be a recession of the traditional store developed into a profitable modern terminal, so many colleagues admire. After visits and exchanges, I learned that Li Jincheng’s unique business.

store layout clever intentions

seems to Li Jincheng, in order to attract the attention of consumers and stand out in a number of cigarette retail stores, it should be in store layout and cigarette display efforts. Only to create specialty stores, in order to impress consumers.

in store appearance layout, Licheng cigarette market overall with red tone, with big gold signs, striking and atmosphere. Store display of tobacco varieties, the number of feet, placed in an orderly manner, a single pack of cigarettes using the font display, and the color with a reasonable, give people a visual enjoyment. Best-selling brands, new cigarettes are placed in a prominent position to stimulate consumer desire to buy.

Li Jincheng said: if the store is too ordinary, consumers look at the past is not easy to remember. In order to improve the rate of entry into the store, the store must have characteristics." Licheng smoke Mall features from modern electronic equipment: LED screen door always playing the latest cigarette market information; store large LCD display is connected with the cashier. As long as there are cigarettes sold, the number of sales, the amount will be displayed on the screen, consumers can see clearly, buy a clear.

pay attention to detail clever propaganda

"details determine success or failure, to the store business is good, we must proceed from the small details, pay attention to important points, by strengthening propaganda, to attract customers." Li Jincheng said.

shopping bag though inconspicuous, frequency of use of a consumable is the highest in the process of shopping. If you make good use of this, you can make a big article. Prior to the store customers shopping bags too thin, but the quality is hard, easy to break. Li Jincheng began to ponder: shopping bag is small, but it can reflect on the customer’s intentions, but also to strengthen the store propaganda, even in the shopping bag to spend more money, as long as it is worth keeping customers. So he contacted an advertising company and made a new shopping bag. Shopping bags are not only good quality, but also with the store’s information and service purposes.

details of the changes, reflecting the intentions of Li Jincheng management, but also won the praise of many customers. Small shopping bags not only increase the thickness, but more importantly, its "component".

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