Small weapon using questions for serving customers

whether it is sales staff or business owners, we must always deal with customers, however, when the customer exchanges, to convince customers is not a simple thing. In fact, the question can be said to be the most practical and most effective means of communication, a look at how to learn to ask the question of this art bar.

A, ask softly sure

two, avoid pointless questions

in selling products to customers, to bring a purpose to the customer inquiry, otherwise, the blind question is meaningless. For example, an old priest asked an old man, "can I smoke in prayer?" His request was met with a firm refusal. Another priest asked the same old man, "may I pray when I smoke?" He was allowed. The latter’s will was the same as that of the pastor, and why was the priest in front of him rejected, and the latter was granted? Because the priest in front of him did not think about the purpose of his question, and the latter was very clear about the purpose of his question, therefore, he was very concerned about the wording, wording change, the results will change.

three, do not put "ultimatum" to the customer

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